Psychic TV Dreams Less Sweet Vinyl LP

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Avant-garde occult music from Genesis P. Orridge's Psychic TV. Dreams Less Sweet was the second fully realized album from Psychic TV after the dissolution of Throbbing Gristle. It stands out as a rather unique moment in the band's nearly three decade long career. The music is experimental and lacking in any traditional structure. However, it is not confrontational like the industrial experimentation of Throbbing Gristle, nor does it traffic in the acid house of later Psychic TV releases. There are plenty of spoken word moments and mantra chanting, and the odd little bit of pop is thrown in as well. While the whole experience might be a little weird, the feeling is more positive than anything else. The album was originally recorded in Holophonic sound, and is best enjoyed in a good pair of headphones. Nineteen tracks in all. Released by Angry Love Productions on black vinyl.

  • music label: Angry Love Productions 1983 / 2014
reviewed by nail and eye 06/2016