Pulp Fiction Music From The Motion Picture (Picture Disc) Vinyl LP

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Picture disc pressing for Universal's Back To Black series. Oh man, it probably makes all of us feel a little bit old to see the OST from one of the movies that defined the 90s get a picture disc reissue, but here it is. Pulp Fiction was a landmark for a few reasons, but one of those is that it showed Quinten Tarantino's uncanny knack for illuminating the dark corners of Americana. In this movie, and in many of his movies since, the soundtrack played an important role in establishing that weird feeling that the movie is set in an ambiguous decade. From obscure surf-rock tracks to soul classics, the soundtrack added so much of the charming kitsch that caused audiences and critics alike to fall in love with the film. The soundtrack also includes dialogue from the film, including the famous "Royale With Cheese" scene and Jules' dramatic Ezekiel 25:17 quotes (lines that do not, in real life, appear anywhere in the bible). In total, there's thirteen songs and seven clips of dialogue.

  • music label: MCA Records 1994 / Universal Music Group International 2015
reviewed by Hires 07/2009