Qbert Super Seal In The 4th Dimension Vinyl 2LP (Final Pressing)

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Vinyl 2LP $19.95
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Scratch heads know that Super Seal is the real deal. The first version is a go-to scratch record for skipless samples, but know Q-bert takes it a step further with Super Seal In The 4th Dimension! Not only do you get the skipless samples Super Seal is known for, but only  you get way more samples to cut up since Super Seal 4D comes with 2 LPs worth of sounds allowing you to get crazy with combos without fear of skipping. All the classic sounds are included - "Aah," "Fresh," plus a gang of new ones, a few skipless beats and tabla loops, and a special panned loop where an "Aah" plays on the right speaker and a "Fresh" sample plays on the left and right speaker at the same time! Take your scratches to the next level.

  • final pressing, last copies available
  • music label: Thud Rumble 2012
reviewed by snackmaster 03/2012