Quantic Ghana Soundz Remixes 12"

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12" Vinyl $16.00
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Soundway's Ghana Soundz comp from 2002 was one of our bestselling African comps of all time, earning the tag of "modern classic" as well as opening the flood gates for the slew of Afro-beat comps to follow. Along with the full release came a limited sampler with two of the best tracks from the comp, plus remixes from Quantic. Needless to say the EP was in high demand and has been out of print for years, but thankfully it has been given a repress complete with MP3 download! Here you will find the scorching sounds of Oscar Sully's "Bukom Mashie" and The Oyatanaa Show Band's "Disco Africa," both certified floor killers, plus Quantic remixes for both. Highly recommended.

  • music label: Soundway
reviewed by snackmaster 01/2012