Rammelzee vs K.Rob Beat Bop (White Vinyl) 12"

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12" Vinyl $21.00
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According to Ego Trip, this is one of the most expensive Hip Hop records clocking in at 1000 duckets! The cover was done by Jean-Michel Basquiat and is probably one of the main reasons why this piece flosses, but it's definitely more than just the cover. It has an interesting story behind it where Rammelzee battled Basquiat on the mic, but ultimately dropped him from the recording. The beats are pretty experimental for back then, and Rammelzee's nasal rhyme style was definitely the grandpapa of B-Real and the Beasties. An odd piece of hip-hop history resurrected for those who thirst for the elusive monkey. Comes on white vinyl.

  • music label: Tartown 1983
reviewed by the mgmnt 05/2011