Rancid And Out Come The Wolves 20th Anniversary Edition Vinyl LP

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I can't believe that ...And Out Come The Wolves is a certified Platinum record. That just speaks to the strength of the mainstream's interest in punk rock during the mid-90s. Rancid was definitely one of the main acts to instigate the initial rise of mainstream punk rock and they're all the richer for it. You've got to respect the fact that they stayed on independent Epitaph after being pursued by more than a few major labels (hence the album's title). They'd already experienced surprise success with their second album, Let's Go, which was released in 1994. And with the release of their third album the Bay Area punks cemented their place amongst the likes of Bad Religion, Green Day and NOFX. ...And Out Come The Wolves showcases the band's heavy influence from second wave ska and early UK punks, The Clash. The album is packed with their biggest singles, "Roots Radicals," "Time Bomb," and "Ruby Soho." Look out for scratching from ex-Invisibl Skratch Piklz member DJ Disk on "Junkie Man." Other standouts include "Olympia WA.," "Disorder and Disarray," and album closer "The Way I Feel." Limited edition 20th anniversary pressing.

  • 20th anniversary pressing
  • includes fold out poster
  • music label: Epitaph 1995 / 2016
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 06/2014