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Real Estate made waves with their eponymous debut. The New Jersey rock band formed during the summer of 2008 by three longtime friends. Frontman Martin Courtney, bassist Alex Bleeker and guitarist Matthew Mondanile had been playing music together since high school. Their sound is somewhat indebted to New Jersey indie rock titans Yo La Tengo and the Feelies, but they take things in a different direction. It's underwater pop songs and lo-fi explorations, reverb and delay, and familiar harmonies that transport you to another time and place. There's plenty of jamming and long guitar solos which seems to fit within the fabric the band has woven. Courtney and Mondanile's guitars play gently off of each other, making evident the chemistry that exists between the two friends. Real Estate is soft and warm, and will generally make you feel better about the world.

  • music label: Woodsist 2009
reviewed by Le Haim 07/2014