Red Astaire Nuggets for the Needy Volume 2 (Red Vinyl) Vinyl 2LP

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Way back in the history of the Lab, Red Astaire was probably somewhere in the top 20 of total amount of 12"s sold. That was pretty impressive for someone who had only released 8 or so 12"s. It's easy to tell why his records do so well: they combine quality downtempo and house with party break aesthetics. If you don't want to douse the crowd with the commercial stuff, your next best bet is to go with Red, he keeps the party vibe intact. This is Red's second compilation, and it picks up where the first volume of Nuggets for the Needy left off. If you need an introduction, checkout The Ultimates' "Saturday Love." In total, you get 14 tracks, spanning his stateside Homegrown releases as well as a bunch of unreleased material. Limited edition red double vinyl pressing with hand screened cover and one-sheet insert.

  • music label: House Of Godis 2013
reviewed by Le Haim 03/2014