• Redman: Dare Iz a Darkside (Lenticular 3D Cover) Vinyl LP

Dare Iz a Darkside (Lenticular 3D Cover) Vinyl LP


↳ 1994 sophomore effort from the Funk Doc

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Finally back on official wax after over 20 years! Whut? Thee Album was a raw debut and remains a fan favorite, but the less-examined Dare Iz A Dark Side LP stands as Redman’s best overall achievement. This is 20 tracks worth of storytelling and battle rhymes over low-end theory funk so intricately woven he must’ve been locked up (won’t let me out) in his Brick City studio for 6 months on mushrooms. The lead single “Can’t Wait,” and to a lesser extent “Rocafella,” made some noise, but as great as they are this album is not about the singles. At some point in their careers, every musician gets a shot at an album that is all their own- no worries about radio, cross marketing or demographics- and this is his. With a green light on full experimentation into Red-land, “Noorotic,” “Green Island” “Basically” and “Sooperman Luva II” are all perfect examples of what can be achieved when the Funk Doc Spock takes his time, focuses his mind, and holds down both the MPC (he produced the majority of the LP) and the mic. Comes housed in soopa-deluxe 3D lenticular cover as part of the Respect The Classics reissue series.

  • originally released in 1994
  • 3D lenticular cover
  • part of the Respect The Classics reissue series
  • music label: Def Jam 1994 / 2015
reviewed by jms 03/2015




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