Rework 1-(900)-Lovecall Vinyl 10"

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Second release from Seth Troxler's Soft Touch imprint. Though Troxler is best known for Detroit style house and techno, his label focuses on much more exotic and strange types of music. Enter Rework and their gorgeous 1-900-Lovecall 10".  The trio of Daniel Varga, Michael Kübler, and Sascha Hedgehog have had previous releases  on Playhouse and Visionquest, and continue to develop a seductive sound based around minimalistic synths and soft female vocals. Check the sound on the slow and sexy "Girl Or A Boy" thats sure to set a steamy tone in the room, while the hazy "Moon" puts you in dreamlike state with melancholic guitars and drifting percussion. Finally, the title track rounds out the release with introspective synth melodies for pure zoning. Recommended.

  • music label: Soft Touch 2015
reviewed by CD-ROMantic 09/2015