Rival Consoles Howl (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

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IDM revival? Rival Consoles' latest 'Howl' demonstrates a knack for precise chaos that can be placed in the lineage that Aphex Twin, Four Tet, and Autechre have easily championed for years. Mostly recorded on hardware, the album 'feels'. It has imperfections that only analog equipment can create and adds subtleties and nuances that add to the 'electronica' mayhem. While I am painting a picture of the days of yore, to be clear this is a modern album by all means, but has roots firmly placed in what is important. Much like Actress' latest works and Andy Stott, the sounds are both organic and intense that walks the line of beauty and gnarly at the same time. Robotic soul music that isn't scared to take chances. This special pressing comes on red wax is limited to independent stores.

  • music label: Erased Tapes Records 2015
reviewed by Gibler 10/2015