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Ron Hardy Muzic Box Classics #1 CD

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First ever Ron Hardy Edit comp on CD to come through the Lab! Heads should know the deal, but here's a primer for those who don't know: Ron Hardy is a hugely influential DJ, up there with Levan and Mancuso, who helped usher in the era of House music at the Muzic Box in Chicago (where he was resident from '82-'86) and the current re-edit craze. His sets are the stuff of legend as he would mix everything from disco, soul, new wave, EBM, and proto-house music together in a way that would make everybody lose it on the floor - often times playing his own edits off a Reel-To-Reel player! Many consider those edits as secret weapons for the dance floor and recently a few have been popping up on bootleg 12"s, but this is the first time a whole bunch of them have been compiled on CD. Here you get some of the most potent edits of classic dancefloor killers from A Number Of Names ("Shari Vari"), Jamie Principle ("Waiting On My Angel"), Phuture ("Acid Tracks"), plus rarities like Marcus Mixx's "Without Makeup" and Hercules' "Lost In The Groove," alongside Hardy originals "Sensation" and "Liquid Love." 10 tracks in all, recommended.

  • music label: Muzic Box Classics 2012
reviewed by snackmaster 04/2012