Ron Hardy Muzic Box Classics #3 CD

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Third installment of the popular Ron Hardy Edit comp on CD! Heads should know the deal, but here's a primer for those who don't know: Ron Hardy is a hugely influential DJ, up there with Levan and Mancuso, who helped usher in the era of House music at the Muzic Box in Chicago (where he was resident from '82-'86) and the current re-edit craze. His sets are the stuff of legend as he would mix everything from disco, soul, new wave, EBM, and proto-house music together in a way that would make everybody lose it on the floor - often times playing his own edits off a Reel-To-Reel player! Many consider those edits as secret weapons for the dance floor and recently a few have been popping up on bootleg 12"s, but this is the first time a whole bunch of them have been compiled on CD. Here you are treated to special edits of classics from New Order ("5 8 6"), The Nightwriters ("Let The Music Use You"), Mr. Fingers ("Stars"), Liaisons Dangereuses ("Los Niños del Parque"), Pam Todd & Love Exchange ("Let's Get Together"), Loose Joints ("Pop Your Funk"), and James Brown ("Body Heat") amongst others. Recommended.

  • Music Label: Muzic Box Classics 2012
reviewed by snackmaster 06/2012