Roy Ayers Shoes of Roy Ayers 12"

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After best selling reworks of Al Green, Miles Davis, and Bohannon, the unstoppable soul edit machine sets his sights on Roy Ayers as the next target in the series. As expected, the edits are all top notch as Shoes knows how to chop up these funky classics with the crowd-friendly touch to make the dancefloor go off (all the while respecting the integrity of the originals). Check how he flips "2000 Black" with an extended break that keeps building till the main groove and vocals drop, or his chopped, upbeat take on the dancefloor classic "Running Away." Flipside features the unmistakable sounds of "Sunshine" flipped mid-tempo breaks style, and the tough grooves of "Superstar" that actually incorporates elements from "Superstar" and "Red, Black and Green." Easy Recommendation.

  • music label: Shoes 2011
reviewed by snackmaster 01/2011