Run The Jewels Run The Jewels 2 (Colored Vinyl) Pink Vinyl 2LP

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Limited edition pink vinyl reissue for Breast Cancer Awareness month. El-P and Killer Mike are back with Run the Jewels 2. With El-P’s killer production and Killer Mike’s fiery bars, this combo just keeps coming correct. “Jeopardy” and “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry” show off El-P’s sonic assault tendencies and they even brought in Travis Barker for added psychosis on “All Due Respect”. Killer Mike gets murderous throughout the album ripping apart hot button topics like the NFL’s domestic violence issues, Donald Sterling and even selling drugs to pregnant women. These tracks are the perfect antidote to the softer side of rap that has taking over a lot of the airwaves. This album might scare you and that seems to be exactly what they were going for. It’s big and gritty and at times terrifying – so lock your door and turn this up as loud as you can.

  • pressed on 180-gram pink vinyl
  • part of the Ten Bands For One Cause reissue series to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer
  • gatefold cover with hand-drawn poster
  • sticker sheet
  • music label: Mass Appeal 2014 / 2015
reviewed by boumtje-boumtje 10/2014