RZA The Man With The Iron Fists Original Motion Picture Score 2LP

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The RZA has come full circle. With the recent release of The Man With The Iron Fists in theaters, the RZA has gone from writing and producing kung fu-inspired raps and beats, to writing and producing kung fu movies and soundtracks! Here we have the original motion picture score (not to be confused with the soundtrack) to the flick, much of which is very cinematic in nature, but there are a handful of beats in the mix with the signature razor-sharp touch. Check the "Opening Titles" (featuring some famous ODB lyrics), "Jungle Village," "Jack Knife," "The Gemini Fight," "Last Battle," and of course the title track, "The Man With The Iron Fists." Pressed up on loud and crisp double vinyl!

  • music label: Soul Temple Entertainment 2012
reviewed by Von Bee 11/2012