Sebastien Tellier La Ritournelle Remixes Vinyl 12"

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Timely repress! Here's what Chris Lemon-Red had to say back when we first stocked this in 2006: I don't have a crazy personal anecdote to share, but I gotta give a heartfelt endorsement on this one - truly one of the most beautiful tracks I've heard in years. Sebastian Tellier is a French dude (shocka!) who is somehow affiliated with Air and Cassius. (In fact, the dude from Cassius produced this record.) The influences are definitely heard and felt on "La Ritournelle," but somehow it doesn't feel derivative or repetitive. The strings pop and aren't too saccharine; the beat sputters but somehow feels waltzy; the bass is funky - but funky like Sunday morning on the Seine, not like the JBs. When the vocals finally come lilting in at about the 4 or 5 minute mark, you're shocked and realize that you've just been listening to some really engrossing instrumentals. A really great track that somehow never made it over here. You also get a shorter edit from Mr. Dan, a housey version from Sven Love and an electro remix from Hypnolove. (Ed. Note: That's afrobeat legend Tony Allen on the drums!)

  • music label: Record Makers 2005
reviewed by Chris Lemon-Red 07/2006