Sebastien Tellier My God is Blue (Blue Vinyl) LP

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Sebastien Tellier walks the fine line between the sexed-up troubadour and utter self parody. Thankfully the Parisian is a gifted and imaginative musician. What lies behind the novelty of the dark sunglasses and hairy chest is an artist with a unique vision and the skills to pull it off. My God Is Blue continues where Sexuality left off, although this time around Tellier is joined by Ed Banger's Mr. Flash instead of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk. You'd think that might up the abrasiveness, but Mr. Flash stays true to the sound of his predecessor's production. Perhaps the greatest difference is apparent from the outset of "Pepito Bleu." After an epic chorus of chanting monks sets the stage Tellier attempts his best Serge Gainsbourg. The effect is at once arresting and overwhelming, and it's something that Flash and Tellier return to throughout the record. And of course, there is "Cochon Ville" the uptempo French disco tune that is sure to be getting a lot of play. Apparently the track gets its inspiration from the controversial Raëlian movement and turns it into a twisted ode to orgiastic impulses. So, whatever your pleasure it seems that Sebastien Tellier has you covered. Whether it's relaxing to some campy sensuality or losing yourself on the dance floor, you're bound to enjoy this next installment in Tellier's epic charade. Limited edition blue vinyl.

  • Music Label: Record Makers 2012
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 06/2012