Seinabo Sey Pretend Vinyl LP+7"

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,i>Swedish electropop sensation debut album! The 25 year old that grew up on heavy doses of Beyonce and Alicia Keys via MTV was obsessed with music and singing from the jump off. After growing up knowing she couldn't make a life from singing, school was a focus in pursuit of a real job... then she quickly learned school is for the birds. It's been a wrap since. After releasing two successful EPs the full length was clearly the next step. There must be something in the waters of Sweden because of all the exported music we come across, there has been major traffic from the Swedes. Little Dragon, Fatima, Goat, and now Seinabo Sey added to the ranks of the soulful, thoughtful, and funky royalty. Three singles over the years all included + stand out tracks 'Easy' 'Younger' and 'Who' + more. This pressing comes with a bonus 7" that included 4 cuts exclusive to this release.

  • music label: Universal Music 2016
reviewed by Smokey