• Sesso Matto: Sessomatto (Idjut Boys Re-Edit) 12"

Sesso Matto
Sessomatto (Idjut Boys Re-Edit) 12"

West End

↳ disco breaks classic, modern re-work on the flip

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Essential. Upon first listen you're probably gonna feel just like I did, a big SO?! So what's the big deal, an ok record that costs too much money? Wrong! Wrong! Get your ears together, this record is nuts, you just gotta hear it right. I thought for a long time that the Risco Connection was overrated, then I finally heard it really loud on a decent system and it blew my head off. Same thing goes for "Sessomatto." iPod will do art like this no justice. You gotta crank up the home stereo, get really drunk and wish you were a chapter in that Love Saves The Day book- not just some asshole spending his college food money on records. Double plus plus, you get a lot with this one: a classic break, not in the crappy played out UBB way, but a really classic break that's always been tough to get; a great midtempo track that in the right situations can really move a dance floor; and the perfect song to play at like fashion shows or corporate events where they want music they can ignore. While they ignore it, you can sit back and thank your lucky stars that the Lab brought you this epic masterpiece on the cheap instead of the original price of $125+! B-side features two edits by the Idjut Boys.

  • music label: West End
reviewed by Roc



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