Sexual Harrassment Give It To Me Hot (Dam-Funk, Sweat.X, Jimmy Edgar) 12"

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When it comes to early 80's punk funk, Sexual Harrassment kept it hot and sexy. Sadly the career of these Prince-loving freaks was short-lived, though they did manage to release a 6 track album and the electro sleaze classic "I Need A Freak". To do their tracks justice, Citinite Records has curated this EP of re-interpretations from modern artists that carry the same sex-fueled funk attitude. LA boogie-man Dam-Funk, kicks it off covering "You Are My Sexual Connection" with Lil Kenny on the outer limits of uptempo funk, while UK funkster Jimmy Edgar teams up with G.Rizo for slap bass frenzy on "Exercise Your Ass Off" that'll get you up off your ass in a second. You also get an electrified cover of "I Need A Freak" from Sweat.X, plus an insane, raw dog version of "If I Gave You A Party" from Robert O Dell that will turn any party into an all out freak fest.

  • music label: Citinite
reviewed by snackmaster 04/2011