Shafiq Husayn & Om'Mas Keith Los Angeles Pt. 0/10 10"

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Rounding out All City's LA Series with volume #0 (aka #11) is 2/3rds of the SA-RA Creative Partners, Shafiq and Om'Mas Keith! Shafiq kicks things off with "DNA," an intense workout in cut-up A.D.D. beats, split into three easy-to-digest parts. The track is a melting pot of LA styles, from chopped up hip hop and funk, lo-fi experimental noise, and diced radio vocals, all assembled to make heads nod from coast to coast and beyond. Om'Mas Keith's side switches gears into quirky leftfield r&b territory on "Girl Is A Player." Sounds akin to James Pants and D-F with a hint of 80's Prince. Instrumental included.

  • music label: All City
reviewed by Von Bee 09/2011