Short-Term Memory Effect Of Excess (Deadstock) Vinyl LP

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Deadstock find! Little is known about Short-Term Memory. What we were able to find out was that they were a new wave band based in Kansas that released two cassette tapes before putting out Effect Of Excess. Everything they released was on their own Silly Poodle Music label with a little help from local Kansas label Fresh Sounds Inc. There are no-wave skronky moments, like the slow moving "Hungry Dogs" and the aptly titled "Effect Of Excess." Elsewhere they channel Thomas Dolby and Gary Numan, and get into some Yoko Ono inspired wackiness as well. The album is filled with interesting left of center moments like "I Think I'm Losing My Mind" and percussion heavy "Freedom." Effect Of Excess channels a myriad of influences in unexpected ways.

  • music label: Fresh Sounds Inc 1984
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 03/2015