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M97xE Cartridge

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Long before Shure became recognized for their exceptional DJ cartridges, their phono reputation was built on audiophile cartridges. Their top of the line, the V15VxMR is world famous for its extremely accurate sound reproduction and standout, ultra low record wear. That model costs about $350. For people demanding a high quality audio cartridge for either listening or recording, the M97xE offers many of the same qualities at much more manageable price. This cartridge offers accurate reproduction that can't be found in dj cartridges, particularly in the high frequency range, precise tracking ability (much lower record wear than a dj cartridge) and a flat frequency response. It also features a dynamic stabilizer, which maintains a uniform distance between the cartridge and the record under difficult playing conditions, such as those caused by warped records, or mismatched tonearm mass. Just to be clear, the M97xE is recommended for listening or recording/sampling purposes only, it is not designed or recommended for dj use.


  • audiophile/recording cartidge
  • standard 1/2" mount
  • elliptical stylus
  • flat 20-20,000Hz frequency response
  • 4.0mV output
  • 0.75g to 1.50g tracking force
  • dynamic stabilizer brush
  • low mass shure type II cantilever
  • side-guard stylus protection system
  • 1 year warranty


  • brushed aluminum carrying case
  • mounting hardware
  • screwdriver
  • stylus cleaning brush
  • cartridge alignment kit



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