Silversun Pickups Better Nature (180g) Vinyl 2LP

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Self released 4th studio album. While the Los Angelinos have been steady doing their thing for well over a decade now, they've taken it upon themselves to fashion a new label and self release their fourth studio album, Better Nature. Secluding themselves in the beautiful winding valley Topanga Canyon in a garage (with presumably a house attached to it) they recorded with producer extraordinaire Jacknife Lee (U2, REM, Weezer, One Direction & countless others). The band has progressively become much more grandiose in sound since their smaller beginnings but that doesn't change their strengths in writing and playing catchy tunes. ...Nature is something that will keep the longtime fans very happy and will surely bring in tons of new members to the strong base of supporters. Double 180g vinyl with fourth side etched. Housed in vibrant gatefold sleeve.

  • music label: New Machine Recordings
reviewed by Manhattan Clam 10/2015