Simonetti / Pignatelli / Morante Tenebre OST Vinyl LP

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Three members of Italian Prog / Synth gurus Goblin regroup for Argento score. The soundtrack to Dario Argento's film Tenebre was composed and performed by Simonetti-Morante-Pignatelli formerly of the group Goblin, whom worked on previous Argento films. Recorded in 1981 after the group had already broken up, Argento requested their reunion for his latest film. While not all members signed on, the three core group members created this cinematic masterpiece. The album gained recent attention when Parisian DJ / production duo Justice sampled the opening cut 'Tenebre' for their gigantic debut album 'Cross'. While their prog origins are still present, the album draws inspiration from Italo Disco, drone, and modern (for the day) production techniques.

  • music label: AMS 2012
reviewed by Al Pomodoro 1/2015