Slum Village Fantastic Vol.1 Cassette

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This has got to be one of the most bootlegged underground hip-hop albums around in terms of the number of versions floating around (all seemingly with different tracklistings). Well, here's the first official reissue ON CASSETTE! Pop it in the walkman, flip, and repeat. It can be argued that this release was what started the whole Jay Dee production craze, best embodied by the Slum hit "Players." If you need more convincing, check out: "I Don't Know, Look Of Love," and "Forth and Back." A definite underground essential.  Features the original 1996 self-release tracklisting, 22 tracks in all.

  • 1996 debut on tape for the first time
  • music label: Donut Boy Recordings 1996 / Ne'Astra Music Group 2015
reivewed by the mgmnt 08/2011