Sly Stone I'm Just Like You - Sly's Stone Flower 1969-70 Vinyl 2LP

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Long overdue compilation of Sly Stone's Stone Flower material, courtesy of Light In The Attic. In early 70's and at the height of Sly & The Family Stone's popularity, the mastermind Sly Stone had already entered a new head space in regards to his music. It was with the creation of the short-lived Stone Flower imprint Sly was able to explore where his head was at, namely realms of minimalist lo-fi funk that would become the basis of his future works. From LITA:

The sound Stone formulated while working on Stone Flower’s output would shape the next phase in his own career as a recording artist: it was here he began experimenting with the brand new Maestro Rhythm King drum machine. In conjunction with languid, effected organ and guitar sounds and a distinctly lo-fi soundscape, Sly’s productions for Stone Flower would inform the basis of his masterwork There’s A Riot Goin’ On.

With I'm Just Like You, LITA brings to light all the Stone Flower singles (five of them to be exact), along with 10 previously unissued cuts from the label archives for a new generation of funk lovers to enjoy. The tracks are treated to a new remaster from the original tapes, plus an exclusive new interview with Sly himself. Comes housed in old school "tip-on" style gatefold sleeve with full color booklet. Recommended.

  • features all 5 Stone Flower produced singles plus 10 previously unissued cuts from the label archives
  • all tracks newly remastered from the original tapes
  • includes an exclusive new interview with Sly Stone himself
  • compilation and notes by Alec Palao
  • housed in gatefold "tip-on" jacket with full color booklet
  • music label: Light In The Attic 2014
reviewed by Von Bee 12/2014