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Smokecloud Records Bedroom Disco (Sleazy McQueen, Osmose) Vinyl 12"

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12" Vinyl $12.95
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Slow and sultry edits for behind closed doors. The gentlemen of Smokecloud Records are back with a triumvirate of funky disco steam ready for all your late-night/early-morning romps. The Noodleman kicks things off with some chugging disco heat. The second track is a stripped down and spacey affair from Sleazy McQueen, whose edit works just keeps on getting tighter and tighter. The final burner of the bunch comes from the man Osmose who really slows things down to crawl with dubbed out percussion and funky vocals that will keep your bed warm all night long. These are all hand stamped and ready to leave you feeling the best kind of filthy there is.

  • music label: Smokecloud Records 2014
reviewed by boumtje-boumtje 092514