Snorre Magnar Solberg With DJ Sotofett & SVN No-No 2 Vinyl 12"

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Seriously trippy techno! Club No No label and it's owner, Bergen-based artist Snorre Magnar Solberg, is starting to creep its way into the weirder side of Norway's techno scene. After an initial offering of solo material, Solberg is back with a 12" that should pique the interest of any SUED / Sex Tags / Acido fan. He teams up with SVN and DJ Sotofett, each taking a side to collaborate on some amazingly out there material. The A side features four tracks from Solberg and Sotofett which all seem to blend into each other. It's an underwater journey with percussive bubbles floating by and synthesized whale calls pulling you in their direction. Made to alter your state of mind. The collaboration with SVN on the B side seems to echo the previous side's intentions. There's plenty of space to loose yourself inside of. Put this record on, strap yourself in and prepare for a mind expanding, psychedelic journey.

  • music label: Club No-No 2014
reviewed by Joey Coco 01/2015