Soul Clap & Juice Belushi Gator Boots Vol. 3 (Patrice Rushen, Liz Torres) Vinyl 12"

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Killer 12" debut from Juice Belushi on limited wax! If you've been keeping up with the Gator Boots label then you already know how they drop dancefloor bombs like nobody's business (see previous installments from Soul Clap for proof). The Juice Belushi boys (aka Paul Foley and James Trocano) bring the throwback disco house flavor in a major way with a monster rework of Gino Soccio's "Hold Tight" ("Raindance"), Liz Torres & Man Friday on"Love Me Mob" and Patrice Rushen on "How Do You See." Please note, these guys are doing it oldschool - and by old school they mean no computers! All killer, no filler (except for the dancefloor of course). Recommended.

  • music label: Gator Boots 2014
reviewed by Pato San 04/2014