Soul Jazz Records Disco 2 1976-80 (Record A) Vinyl 2LP

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Do you want more?! Of course you do, and Soul Jazz is gracious enough to oblige with even MORE disco and boogie rarities. Disco 2 focuses on the prime years of 1976 - 1980 and offers another glimpse into the deep world of disco through the eyes and ears of expert digger/historian Disco Patrick, who happened to also write the book on the topic - Disco - An Encyclopedic Guide to the Cover Art of Disco Records Book. This volume features majorly sweated gems from the likes of Stevo, High Frequency, Needa, Anita Maldonado, Skip Jackson & The Natural Experience, and many more. Detailed liner notes included in the gatefold jacket. 

  • other volumes in the series also available
  • music label: Soul Jazz Records 2015
reviewed by Masta Klenz 1/2015