Soul Jazz Records Disco 2 1976-80 (Record B) Vinyl 2LP

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Do you want more?! Of course you do, and Soul Jazz is gracious enough to oblige with even MORE disco and boogie rarities. Disco 2 focuses on the prime years of 1976 - 1980 and offers another glimpse into the deep world of disco through the eyes and ears of expert digger/historian Disco Patrick, who happened to also write the book on the topic - Disco - An Encyclopedic Guide to the Cover Art of Disco Records Book. This volume features yet another round of deep digger picks from the likes of Jahneen, Paper Doll, Panache, Universal Love, and more. Detailed liner notes included in the gatefold jacket. 

  • other volumes in the series also available
  • music label: Soul Jazz Records 2015
reviewed by Masta Klenz 1/2015