Soul Jazz Records Nu Yorica! Culture Clash In New York City - Experiments In Latin Music 1970-77 Vol.1 Vinyl 2LP

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20th anniversary pressing of Soul Jazz staple compilation! What happens when you put every type of being on the planet into a very confined space? New York City, the melting pot of all that Earth has to offer. Sure we have outrageous crime rates, high rent prices, and extreme weather conditions that you make Florida sound like a good idea but goddamit the magic that has come from this city. 20 years ago Soul Jazz released this long out of print compilation of some of NY's finest musical moments. A time when Latin Jazz, Funk, and Soul united to bless the masses with what could only be described as Nu Yorica. Seminal Latin artists like Charlie and Eddie Palmieri, Joe Bataan, Cortijo and many others all made the cut with their fantastic offerings that you could hear blaring from rooftops and car windows throughout the 70s.

The 20th anniversary pressing expands the famed release with digital remastering.

  • Soul Jazz Records 2015
reviewed by Lois Syda 7/2015