Soul Jazz Records Punk 45 - Kill The Hippies! Kill Yourself! The American Nation Destroys Its Young - Underground Punk In The United States Of America, 1973-1980 Vol. 1 Vinyl 2LP

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Companion compilation to Soul Jazz's massive deluxe 400-page Punk 45s cover art book. Punk 45 traces the rise of punk music throughout the US with a collection of seminal, classic, obscure and rare punk and proto-punk 45 singles from the likes of Pere Ubu, The Zeros, The Randoms, Electric Eels, The Pagans, The Deadbeats, The Lewd and many more. It's an extensive journey that takes the listener through cities like Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles, Akron, New Orleans, and Philadelphia. If you've ever had a taste for punk then Soul Jazz has got you covered. Limited edition super-loud, super-heavy double gatefold-sleeve vinyl edition with full sleevenotes. Recommended for any fan of punk and rock music in general.

  • music label: Soul Jazz Records 2013
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 03/2014