Soul Jazz Studio One DJs 2LP

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If you've been following the other Studio One releases from Soul Jazz, you know what to expect here. Studio One Deejays presents a fine selection of the greatest deejays to record for Mr. Dodd over an even finer selection of his classic riddims. Obscureness, big hitness and never before releasedness- you simply cannot be disappointed with a compilation of this caliber. And for those wondering, it rarely overlaps with Studio One's own DJ compilation (also great). Check some of the tracks- Prince Far I's "Natty Farmland" over a heavily dubbed version of the immortal "Mean Girl" riddim, Lone Rangers "The Answer,' Prince Francis "Street Doctor" and it's middle breakdown, Big Joe "Rights Of Version," and much, much more. 16 tracks total and absolutely crucial- my only fault with it is no Michigan and Smiley?

  • music label: Soul Jazz 2002
reviewed by the mgmnt 11/2006