• Soul Spectrum: Soul Spectrum Records Vol. 1 (180g) 2LP+7" / CD
  • Soul Spectrum: Soul Spectrum Records Vol. 1 (180g)  CD
  • Soul Spectrum: Soul Spectrum Records Vol. 1 (180g) 2LP+7"

Soul Spectrum
Soul Spectrum Records Vol. 1 (180g) 2LP+7" / CD


↳ obscure funky and soulful disco and boogie

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Jazzman always seems to unearth those hidden gems that no one else can find! The UK label's latest, Soul Spectrum Records Vol. 1, turns its focus towards rare and obscure dancefloor soul from the late '70s and early '80s. Think deep boogie cuts and soulful disco. The label enlisted Ashley Beedle and Tom Noble to turn their well honed knives on two of the tracks that needed a little fine tuning, but other than that all the tracks a presented in uncut form. It's all compiled by the super dedicated DJ Fryer. Here's what he had to say about Soul Spectrum Records Vol. 1: The endless quest to discover lost interesting music from the past is something of a calling to many. Record collectors and DJs will go without food and spend all their wages to own a single piece of vinyl. Many will travel around the world to towns and cities you would never choose to visit. Happy spending nights in cheap hotels and days in musty old shops looking for that one lucky find, and it does happen, eventually, to all that make the effort. I make no claim to the discovery of any of these records contained here, but I nod my hat to those that did and will again in the future. I have let good as well as rare music be the narrative on this LP. There are some records here that are relatively affordable and I encourage you to go out and find them on original 45s, and play them. Records should be heard, not archived - keep the wonderful culture of playing 45s and 12s alive.CD version is 21 tracks in all. 2LP version is 16 tracks in all pressed on deluxe 180 gram double vinyl pressing with thick, glossy sleeve, includes bonus 7" reissue single: $8000 rated hyper-rarity, Fluorescent Smogg!

  • music label: Jazzman 2013
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 03/2013




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