Soundtrack Empire Records The Soundtrack (Gold Vinyl, Record Store Day) 2LP

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Record Store Day 2012 exclusive! Ahh Empire Records, a fitting reissue for RSD that completes the RSD 2012 soundtrack trilogy. Like Pretty In Pink and Breakfast Club (the other RSD 2012 soundtrack reissues), this is another coming of age flick, only this time it revolves around record store employees in the 90's. That being said the soundtrack has an obvious 90's feel to it with tracks from your favorite alt rock guilty pleasures including The Cranberries, Gin Blossoms, Better Than Ezra, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Cracker, Drill, etc. I believe this is also the first time it has been offered on vinyl (gold see-through even), adding to the nostalgia factor. Limited edition.

  • music label: A&M Records 1995/2012
reviewed by Von Bee 04/2012