Source Direct Black Rose (Blawan Remix) Vinyl 12"

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12" Vinyl $14.95
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Roooollllaaaa! Originally released in 1996 under their Hokusai alias, "Black Rose" came at the height of Source Direct's Amen break murderation. You'll be heard pressed to find a darker rolling drum n bass track than this one. It takes the duo's supreme hardware sampler skills a step beyond and was a killer on the floor. This is blueprint material, something that anyone who wants to get a taste of late 90s dnb should get a taste of. Reissued on Boddika's excellent Nonplus Records, this is a great chance to get this hard to find classic on vinyl. Includes a Blawan remix on the flip.

  • music label: Nonplus Records 2015
reviewed by german base 08/2015