Special Ed I Got It Made Vinyl 7"

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7" Vinyl $11.95
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Dun-dunna.....dunna. Is there a better known, one-bar loop in hip-hop history? We think not. With that simple, five note bassline, Special Ed kicks off his most classic cut, “I Got It Made.” Sure, this track seems antiquated in a day when rappers rhyme about rocking whips on their wrists, but Special Ed laced this song with one notable quotable after another and took cash bragging to a whole 'nother level. Choose: “I’m outspoken/my language is broken into slang/but it’s just a dialect that I select when I hang” or “I got a treaty with Tahiti cause I own a per-cent.” Wicked nice. The “Business Like Version” takes the flip, but it's really all about that OG. Comes in mini Profile sleeve.

  • music label: Get On Down 2015
reviewed by O-Dub 09/2015