Stardust Music Sounds Better With You (Daft Punk) Vinyl 12"

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12" Vinyl $13.95
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Love might bring us back togetherStardust's 1998 anthem, back on 12" where it belongs. In a perfect world, this song would be blasting all over the planet, and all humans would be getting down to it's irresistible disco house groove as the aliens come down and dance along with us. It's that kinda song really, and not surprisingly, it was produced by Thomas Bangalter (you know, one half of the French robot duo Daft Punk), along with Alan Braxe and vocalist Benjamin Diamond. The track is based around a catchy little sample from Chaka Khan (that could literally go on forever and I wouldn't mind) and Bangalter and Braxe add their magic, while Diamond takes it over the top with those simple, but oh so infectious lyrics. Single sided pressing (just like the OG) with etching on the B-side. Essential.

  • single sided vinyl
  • etched "Music sounds better with you, Love Might Bring Us Back Together" on B-side
  • music label: Roule 1998
reviewed by Gold Helmet 07/2016