Stark Reality Roller Coaster Ride Vinyl 2LP

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Some of the most sought-after Stark Reality grooves back on wax! Roller Coaster Ride is another shining example of Stark Reality's psychedelic jazz funk genius. The album was unavailable for decades after its initial recording (until it was reissued as 1969 in 2003) and is available once again from the good folks at Now-Again. Here's what we said about it back when it was titled 1969: Far from scraping the bottom of the barrel, these tracks actually sound closer to what I had imagined the Music Shop album to sound like. It’s still pretty far from being out-and-out funk, but the grooves are more in-the-pocket and conventionally funk-based. Which is a good thing, because they more than make up for the fact that Monty Stark’s vocals more eccentric than on the other album. “Pretty Music” is a perfect case in point. The track boasts some real deep-dish jamming, but Monty's voice is definitely something else. Same thing for “Roller Coaster Ride,” which is possibly the best cut here. “Too Much Tenderness” is short and sweet, and could have really been something with a Donny Hathaway-caliber vocalist. “Red Yellow Moonbeams” is a 9-minute acid-fuzz-jazz trip that must be heard to be believed. 6 tracks total including another one that tops out at almost 10 minutes. Restored and remastered from the original tapes and comes with digital download and extensive liner notes from Egon and legendary jazz musician Ahmad Jamal.

  • sought-after unreleased album
  • restored and remastered from the original tapes
  • extensive liner notes by Egon and Ahmad Jamal
  • music label: Now-Again Records 2015
reviewed by Dog Doughnut 06/2015