Steel Mind Boss Man Vinyl 12"

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Back to back cosmic italo anthems repressed! Both tracks from Steel Mind's 1982 12" received regular play from cosmic DJ godfather Daneile Baldelli and have stood the test of time with a deeper, more minimalist approach than many contemporaries from the time. Check the restrained slo-mo groove of "Boss Man" that takes its time to build with layers of percussion and synths before letting the hook worm it's way into your ear. "Lionel" takes a different approach, upping the BPM's slightly and introducing slick analog synth hook in the front with spacey, distorted guitars that melt into the background. Limited edition pressing of 200 with remastered sound - act fast or pay later!

  • limited to 200 copies
  • remastered sound
  • music label: R.S. Records 1982 / Frastuono 2015
reviewed by Schlurb 01/2016