Still Music The Birth Of House Music 2LP / 3CD

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Still Music has teamed up with two of Chicago's pioneering house labels to tell their story. The father and son duo of Nemiah Mitchell Jr and Vince Lawrence changed Chicago's dance music scene in the early 80s. Their story provides the missing link between soul, disco, new wave and house. 122 BPM brings together rare and unreleased house tracks from the early to late 80s, sourced from the catalogues and archives of their Mitchbal and Chicago Connection labels. The Mitchbal imprint was among the first to present music from the likes of Jesse Saunders, K-Alexi and more. Z Factor's "Fantasy" is the tune that many will know, as it is often regarded as the basis for "On and On," the record widely credited as the first house record ever pressed to wax. The 3CD edition includes a 1-hour exclusive mix by Jerome Darradji, and a 28 page booklet with notes on Mitchbal Records and Chicago Connection Records. Track listing is for the 2LP version, 3CD edition includes many more.

  • Music Label: Still Music
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 08/2012