Suicide Alan Vega Martin Rev Vinyl LP

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Suicide's second album finally properly reissued. Though released only a few years after their seminal debut, Alan Vega Martin Rev found the NYC duo with a slick facelift to their prototypically stripped down sound. Most of the change can be attributed to the album being produced by The Cars vocalist/producer Ric Ocasek who not only lended a pop sensibility to the protopunk duo, but also provided new keyboards and preset rhythm machines to Martin Rev for the recording of the album. The resulting sound is noticeably fuller and more refined with finer details in the production to create an "an atmosphere at once light and catchy, yet still crazed and venomous." Alan Vega (RIP) still handles the vocals like no other - cool as ice, but with an inherit realness that cannot be denied. Includes several under-appreciated classics like "Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne," "Harlem," "Mr. Ray," "Bebop Kid," "Dance," and more. Reissued here with the original track listing and cover art for the first time since its original release in 1980. Recommended.

  • originally released in 1980
  • first time vinyl reissue w/ original tracklist + artwork
  • printed inner sleeve
  • music label: Superior Viaduct 2016
reviewed by sewer rat 08/2016