Swarvy Elderberry Vinyl LP

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Is it really raw? If Swarvy's behind the beat, you can be damn sure it is! The L.A. by-way-of Philly producer is coming correct on Elderberry with that true boom bap sound to guarantee head nods for days. From the neck snappin' beats, to the funky samples and jazzy arrangements, Swarvy's definitely got major bumps for your trunk. Check the sound on "Jameson," "Squats," "Elderberry," "10AM," "Spam Grease," or the funked out "RC." Those yearning for the days when hip-hop beats had some jazz and warmth to 'em, well this is what you've been looking for. Fans of Dilla, Shawn J Period88 Keys, The Roots, ATCQ, etc. should check. 10 tracks with digital download included. Quality!

  • digital download included
  • music label: Leaving Records 2016
reviewed by Dr. Rhythm 09/2016