Syclops I've Got My Eye On You 2LP

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Much anticipated release from Maurice Fulton's mysterious Syclops moniker. Ever since his new school synth funk single "The Fly" on Tirk, the ultra boogie infused "Where's Jason's K?" on NY's DFA label and his timeless productions on the Kathy Diamond album, I've been hooked like DJs all over the world, waiting for more heat to drop. Wait no more. This is it, his full album collaborating with live musicians lending talent on keys, bass and drums. The result is entirely new fusion of music pulling from funk, house, synth pop, boogie, and experimental influences. It compiles all your favorites, plus unreleased tracks to blow your mind. Check, his earliest singles, "The E Ticket," "Mom, The Video Broke" and "Nelson's Back." For more unreleased jawns, check the UK house inspired "5 Out," and the experimental synth affair on the title track. A simply awesome listening experience, as well as an important addition to the DFA team's latest wave of talent. Highly recommended.

  • music label: DFA 2008
reviewed by: C'mish 06/2008