Tame Impala Currents (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl 2LP

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We all go through changes throughout our life. Most of us not quite as publicly as the artists and super stars that grace magazine covers and online articles. When you first drop the needle on Currents, Tame Impala's third studio album, you'll bear witness to that change almost instantly. Kevin Parker, the mastermind behind the Australian psych juggernaut, has seemingly dropped his fuzzed out guitars in favor of synthesizers and the slightly sugary side of pop. Despite the initial shock you might experience if you haven't been paying attention, Currents is dazzling and dreamy in all the right ways. Parker's ethereal falsetto leads the way through the rolling bass lines and sinewy synths. His songwriting and production skills feed his experimentalism and this has led to some of the most artful pop music to be released in recent memory. Pretty much every song on the album will have you begging for more. This is pure, dreamy pop music as Kevin Parker hears it. Consider yourself lucky he decided to release an album's worth of it.

  • translucent violet and amber pressing
  • music label: Interscope Records 2015
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 07/2015