Tangoterje Diamonds Dub (Paul Simon, Curtis Mayfield) 12'

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Been a minute since we saw the last Supreme edit record, and they come back with a smoker to make us remember why we sweated them in the first place. The concept behind the series seems to be left-field, danceable, not really disco tunes, edited by Tangoterje, who's becoming a new school master of this stuff. Emphasis on beauty and surprises with this one. "Diamonds Dub" is a heavy reworking of an "African" track, that you'll soon recognize as Paul Simon... who we can grumble all we want about, but this is like the third Paul Simon edit we've had, and they're all really good. They didn't just throw the "dub" on the title here either, this thing has got some wicked breakdowns, great action on the voices and all that. But if that's a little too multi-culti for you, head over to the instrumental edit of Curtis Mayfield's "Give Me Your Love," a midtempo piece that Tango has similarly dubbed out. Getting big play from GP on the pre-release. Finally, we get a cool disco/ Moroder-ish track from Astrud Gilberto (I think), "Black Magic." I could see any of these getting run, but that last one is probably the most crowd friendly.

  • music label: Supreme 2006
reviewed by the mgmnt