• Terry Callier: What Color Is Love Vinyl LP
  • Terry Callier: What Color Is Love Vinyl LP

Terry Callier
What Color Is Love Vinyl LP


↳ soothing 1972 folk-soul classic, official repress

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Highly sought after and expensive, but do the people know why? I have heard this album called "one of the most beautiful works in the world;" and I have also heard it as overrated garbage. Collectors often floss this record as a central piece and it always has a place on the record store wall. But what's the true appeal? It kinda falls into the Eugene McDaniels category of "good music vs. rare music." Coincidentally, Terry sounds like a cross between Rev. McDaniels and Jon Lucien in the folk/jazz/soul vein. The album is definitely vocal central, so that is the first decision point. You like his voice or you don't. This record is not outright funky; the funkiest it gets is "You Goin to Miss Your Candyman" which is more of a folky funky. If it ain't about the instrumentation it must be like some to-die-for soul, right? Well, I gave it some listens and I'm left somewhere in the middle of confused. I found Terry's voice moving at times, like over the acoustics on "Dancing Girl" or the smooth sound of "Just as Long as We're in Love." I even like the fluffy "I'd Rather Be with You." But at the same time a little voice is telling me that it's melodramatic crap. I might hold onto it, cause if I were an old man in a Prozac commercial, I might want to fling open my french doors and take in deep breath in the beaming sunlight with this blasting in the speakers... or maybe I wouldn't.

  • black vinyl pressing
  • tip-on jacket
  • official reissue
  • music label:¬†Verve 2018
reviewed by the mgmnt 10/2005


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